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Your transformer takes its name from the fact that it “transforms” power. Its primary function is to step down the high voltages that come in from the utility (e.g. 23 kV) to levels more suitable for commercial use (e.g. 4,680 V). Also good to know, the transformer is the most expensive single component in your substation, so you’ll likely want to maximize its reliable life.


Failure modes

  • Moisture

  • Oxidation

  • Contaminated oil

  • Mechanical failure

  • Failure of insulation

  • Oil leaks

  • Short circuit

  • Interwinding Fault

  • Turn to turn fault

  • LTC

  • Bushing

  • Partial Discharge


Reliability considerations

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Remote monitoring

  • Moisture reduction

  • Oil Sampling 

  • Infrared scanning 

  • PD detection surveys 

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